What is Okara?

 Posted by Jennifer (the RD)

After posting the Okara burger recipe last week, I realized that I probably should have done a better job of explaining what Okara actually is.  When I was a child, my grandmother used to make a Japanese dish out of okara.  It was almost like an ultra smooth version of couscous in that it was very soft and had little texture.  It had a slightly sweet, slightly sour, slightly salty taste and always had shiitake mushrooms and other veggies in it.  I took a picture of this dish straight off of the package of the dried version that you can find at Marukai.

Okara is the pulpy fiber that is left over from making soy milk.  I did not figure this out until I was an adult.  I used 75% fresh Okara and 25% dried Okara in the veggie burger recipe I posted last week.  Above is a picture of the fresh okara before it went into the burger.

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