Blissful Bites

Posted by Jennifer (the student)



Blissful Bites by Christy Morgan is essentially a vegan cookbook. Since I am always looking for tasty ways to add more plant-based meals to my diet I was intrigued. The beginning of the book gives a good overview of basic cooking techniques, tools and pantry basics. The recipes are creatively organized by type of meal and season.

So far I have only had a chance to try a couple of the recipes. The first recipe I tried was the Southwest Tofu Scramble. This recipe is very similar to a recipe I already make. This version has the addition of mushrooms and zucchini, which I thought was a good addition.

Next, I tried the Un-Tuna Salad. This recipe uses chickpeas in place of tuna. Personally, I like most anything with chickpeas and this recipe was no exception. I will make this often.

Some of the other recipes I want to try are: Pan-fried Tofu with Carrot –Ginger Sauce, Basil-cashew cheese Sauce and Pear Almond Coffee Cake. This cookbook is all about healthy, unprocessed, whole food cooking. Anyone looking to experiment with plant-based cuisine, this book would be a good addition.

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