Spring Cleaning & Health Benefits

Posted by Jennifer (the student)




Every spring, I start making lists of all the projects I want to accomplish. Once I complete all of these projects I always feel so good about my home and myself. I think most of us do because a clean and organized home is good for your health.

Some of the health benefits of spring-cleaning are:

  • Organization leads to stress reduction. When everything is in it’s place, time is not wasted looking for misplaced items. Being organized lets you be in control of your life and domain.
  • A good deep cleaning rids your home of dust, mold and bacteria, which helps your immune system take care of you.
  • Just the act of cleaning gets your body moving and burning calories. Both your body and home will benefit.

Make spring-cleaning a priority for your health and home. Happy cleaning!

♥ ♥ 



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