French Sorrel

Posted by Jennifer (the student)

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Last spring, I purchased a small French sorrel plant from a farmer’s market. I had never tried sorrel but I was intrigued after reading many European recipes using sorrel. Last year, my little sorrel plant allowed me to try several simple recipes. I really liked the tart lemony flavor it adds to simple dishes like scrambled eggs.

This year, my small plant has tripled in size and is thriving. Obliviously sorrel is easy to grow since I am not much of a gardener. Its shield-shaped leaves are similar to spinach. Sorrel is both an herb and a green and can be used to replace spinach in most recipes. If replacing spinach just reduce the amount of sorrel since it has quite a tart flavor.

Some of the health benefits of sorrel are its low in calorie and high in fiber. In addition, it is high in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, magnesium and calcium.

Caution should be used if you suffer from heartburn, sorrel may be to acidic for you.  Also, sorrel should not be cooked in cast-iron or aluminum cookware.

If you come across sorrel this spring give it a try. I am glad I added it to my diet.

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